A Minister of God Ministry is an online ministry that brings support, comfort and encouragement to Christians serving in the military.

Throughout the Bible, God has utilized common men and women to perform miraculous accomplishments to further God’s purpose. A majority of these servants were either unwilling, unskilled, and quite overwhelmed by the path that God placed them on. One other fact in common among all these servants that God choose… they were obedient although reluctant at times but they did not fail. God qualified those He chose, rarely choosing those that were qualified.

Many Christians today are led along a path to be a warrior. Some are led to this path and some are already on a path as a warrior when they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Not all remain warriors as God then leads them down a path with a different purpose and to somewhere else.

But for the obedient Christians whose purpose is to be a warrior, there is sometimes confusion, sometimes opposition in various forms, many times doubt (God wants me to kill?). The list can go on.

If God has placed you on a path to be a warrior, then like all your predecessors in the Bible who were warriors for God, your obedience to God’s will in your life will be fulfilling and God will be doing His work through you.

This ministries purpose is to help bring understanding and comfort to those on this path. We will motivate and encourage each other through proper understanding of God’s Word, strengthening our relationship with Jesus as we begin to understand our purpose.

God called many to be warriors throughout the Bible, why stop now… has God no more requirements for war to accomplish His purpose?