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Prayer for a wounded Soldier
Written by Ken   
Sep 14, 2010 at 05:07 PM
Dear Father,

I find that I am joyful to set myself before you and lift up to you a prayer for a fellow soldier.,

Father, I first pray that you fill Joel, his mom and grandmother with the strength and endurance that will be their enablement to go through this trial. I pray Father, that you hold Joel tightly to you and in your healing hands that he be healed, that his recovery be nothing less than miraculous and he be given testimony that will glorify you. Draw him close to you Father, be near him and all his family as you care for them.,

Father, I also pray for the Body of Christ that is also his family. As you minister to Joel, also minister to all those lifting Joel and his immediate family. Open doors in this church, enable them to reach out in ways that they have never experienced before. Walk before them Father and enable them to follow you in ways that can only be by their faith alone and increase the trust that they all have in you.,

I pray this, in Jesus Christ's name, AMEN
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