Hello, my name is Ken and I’d like to take this moment to let you know a little about myself and my career in the military. I attended Basic Training in 1985 at Fort Benning, Georgia and graduated as an Infantryman, 11B. Immediately shipped off to Germany I began my life of long road marches with crazy heavy rucksacks and an M60 machinegun named Sarah (who I later named my daughter after). During this tour I served in the positions of Machine Gunner, M113 Driver, Dismount Team Leader, and Bradley Gunner. It was during my final year in Germany we were transitioned into a Bradley unit and I was now an 11M.

I returned to the States and was stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. During this tour I participated in Desert Shield/Storm and held the positions of Gunner and Bradley Commander till I returned to Germany again. During this tour of Germany I continued serving as a Dismount Squad Leader, Bradley Commander, and Company Master Gunner. I participated in a Peace Keeping Mission in Macedonia as an NCOIC in the battalion’s S3 for that six month deployment.

Upon returning to the States I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas and secured a job as an instructor at the 3rd Corps NCO Academy. After a year of instructing PLDC (as it was called then) I transitioned over to the CMF 11 BNCOC and continued to instruct the NCO’s there. I ultimately landed in the S3 as the ATTRS/Quota Manager and also played the part of unit IMO (the geek in me was discovered by my chain of command). Here is where I discovered MS Access and automated the entire operations of my job.

From here I finally returned to Fort Benning as a Drill Sergeant. I did my two years on the trail and did the third year extension remaining in place as a Senior Drill Sergeant. I will honestly tell you all that this period of my career, training those men to be warriors, were the BEST three years of my career. Due to my extension I had two perks, station of choice and chose Fort Riley once again. I’m a hunter; hunters will understand my desire to return to Kansas. Before I PCSed to Riley I attended Jump School as my other perk. Yeah, I’m a 5 jump chump!

While on this tour at Fort Riley. I performed in the positions of Platoon Sergeant, Command Financial NCO, and the S5 NCOIC. During this period of time I was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. About 3 months into this tour I was pulled from my platoon as I was requested by, I mean voluntold to move into the S5 to take over the NCOIC leadership position of this shop. After spending 8M bucks to help rebuild Iraq over the next nine months I returned to Fort Riley until I moved on to my final duty station. During this period of my career the Army restructured the CFM 11 series and I was once again an 11B!

My last tour of duty was at Fort Drum, New York. I was assigned to the AC/RC unit on post. I performed as an Observer/Controller-Trainer (O/C-T) until deployed back to Iraq. There I continued my role as a trainer for an Iraqi Public Order Brigade as a Special Police Training Team (SPTT) member. Once I returned from this mission I continued to train units that were preparing for deployment to Iraq until I retired in July 2007, after 21+ years in the Army.

I am presently employed as a case worker with Army Emergency Relief located on Fort Drum, NY. I also serve as a Ministry Leader in our church where both my wife and I direct a faith based recovery ministry called: Breaking the Chains Biblical Recovery Ministry. I have completed 4 years of college and hold a BA in Church Leadership, Counseling Emphasis.