Ya know, when you call a Christian radio station to make a donation, or call a church to offer service, or call a ministry to ask for help… and you get a busy signal… it’s NOT because you weren’t meant to donate the money, or offer your services to a church, or not receive help from that ministry!

What that busy signal represents is that the Holy Spirit is working and you have to wait your turn. God’s will is in effect and that busy signal means that someone else is donating to that radio station, someone else is offering services to the church, that someone else is at that moment receiving help from that ministry. You are just “one” of many that God has put the desire in the heart’s of His sheep and the enemy will use anything to discourage you.

That busy signal means “others” are, AT THAT moment, being obedient and in a moment you can also… just hit the redial button.

Don’t fall for the attack and lose that moment of being obedient to God’s will in your life!

Busy Signal

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