I wrote this last year sometime and had posted on Facebook and a message board in May 2015. I happened to view it tonight and decided to post it from the archives of the Director’s Desk.

“Every counselee is a worshiper and at the end of the day (and session), their problems are a function of what or whom and how they worship. To counsel persons made by; like, and for God means that there are no God-free zones in the counselee’s life or counseling (113) – Kellermen, Gospel-Centered Counseling.

I’d like to point out a powerful part of this statement, “there are no God-Free zones in the counselee’s life or counseling“… so you have to understand, when you place yourself into a “God-free zone”, is this time “CARNAL” in nature? So the question to ask oneself is this; is your 1-3 hours at church on a Sunday, the ONLY time you are not in a “God-free zone” and all the rest of the week is?

Living in a God-free zone and all the heart-ache raised when being carnal, is not erased by 1-3 hours of God during a Sunday service. As a matter of fact, living such a life is called… double-minded. Look it up, it’s in the Bible.

Imagine this, literally just came to me… those lines they paint on the running track where the runners run during the Olympics. As long as they stay between the lines, they are on the right path that will take them straight to the finish line. Yet for the Christian “runner” who is double-minded, you are NOT in between any lines taking you to the finish line. You are off running your own race, maybe the opposite direction, or zig-zagging back and forth over those lines, passing by the path you are to run straight. Is your “spiritual compass” not working? Are you recognized as a “talker” of God’s Word but not a walker of God’s Word?

So, the word for you is this… get on the path the “way” that God has detailed in the Bible, the path that ALL Christians are to actually follow. Follow His Word, LIVE as one who follows the Word of God. This will put you back between the lines that are drawn and you will head straight to God as He… demands. Takes faith, surrender, and humbleness, THEN in obedience, following Christ will keep you between the lines and straight on to eternal life with Him.


Kellermen, Robert. Gospel-Centered Counseling, Grand Rapid, MI, Zondervan, 2014, 113

God’s Path or a God-Free Zone?