Dear Heavenly Father,

Lord I ask for You to protect all our service men and women who are serving in the Armed Forces throughout the world. Not just the service members who are in direct combat but also those that are serving elsewhere in the world. I ask that You comfort them during the quiet moments and give them courage when the bullets are flying. I ask that You also lift the family members who are at home worrying about their loved ones. Comfort them as well and shine your light on them and I ask that You let them know that You hear their prayers. I ask that their prayers be answered.

Lord, it’s hard to understand your purpose but I ask that you guide all Your servants who are warriors and that they walk strongly and confidently on the path that You have set them upon. That they offer their victories to You and praise You with the Glory that is always Yours.

Lord, I ask that this ministry reaches out to those that are questioning the path that You have set them upon. I ask that they understanding what You showed me through your Word and that as I fill this ministry with all that I was guided to, answers are found of their questions. The same questions I asked many years ago and I tried to understand how I could serve you and be a soldier as well. Lord, lead those in need, those with questions, and those that don’t understand, first to seek Your Son, Jesus and put their faith in Him and believe. Through Jesus, we will seek You and all things are then possible.

I ask this in your Son’s name, Jesus Christ… Amen!

Prayer for Our Armed Services

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