Is your For-Sale sign the brightest and cleanest part about you?

If you were to walk by a car, truck, furniture, painting or just about anything you can imagine at various yard sales in your area, do you look only at the exterior of the item you plan to purchase?

What do you look for when purchasing an item that you plan to use, to improve upon, to make new again, and to put back out into the world to show the world, what you can do to the item you purchased?

Imagine being that car, truck, furniture, painting, or just about any of the items that can be found at various yard sales in your area and all that is looked at is your exterior.

What will those looking you over… see?

A lack of cleanliness, damage, smudges, dents, scars, open wounds, infection, sickness, injury, emotional distress, greed, addictions, hurts, lust, violence, anger, idolatry, needs, hopes, desires, dreams. The list is actually endless and all this is covered by two things. All this is covered by sin and that sin has a “For-Sale” sign hanging and this sign is brightly seen by the One who is looking for all such items in the entire world.

Jesus Christ is looking right at each and every one of these For-Sale signs that hang from that blanket of sin and also at what the sin is covering as well. He is actually looking at much more though. He is looking at what is also under all that long list of surface filth and internal damage. He is looking at the heart within each of those items that are still for sale.

There, is where He will begin His work in repairing what He has purchased the moment the “For-Sale” sign is removed and the first task is taking that blanket of sin and removing this from you.

Only by your hand, can the For-Sale sign be removed. Then this process begins.

Jesus stands before us and He also sends others looking for those who have “For-Sale” signs still hanging from them. Jesus has already done what was needed for your purchase; the transaction has cleared the bank over 2000 years ago.

Jesus died for each and every item that still has and for all items that will have, a For-Sale sign upon them. He will continue to send others to look for those For-Sale signs. This will continue till all items in the world that still have a For-Sale sign, have been met, viewed and informed that they’re price tag has already been paid in full and all they have to do is take the sign off and accept Who bought them.

Are YOU one of the items who still wear a For-Sale sign but feels that no-one could possibly want to purchase you because with such filth all over you, all the hurt and damage within you, you cannot possibly take the sign off so easily?

Jesus isn’t looking at all the filth as a reason NOT to purchase you, it’s because OF that filth He has already purchased you. He came to earth looking for the filthiest of us, the most sinful, the dirtiest, cruelest, meanest. All who stand with a For-Sale sign may have various filth upon them but that For-Sale sign, they are exactly the same for all of us. All our prices are exactly the same.

Jesus does not view only the filth under the sign; He cares about the potential of what He will do with what is under all that filth. He cares about what He will do to improve what is under all that filth. He cares about returning all that is under the filth to newness. He cares about the testimony He gives to all those who take off their For-Sale sign in belief of Him. He is glorified in how others can see the work that He begins in those who believe in Him. Then as they then begin to go out into the world around them, the very neighborhoods around them, looking for others with For-Sale signs still upon them… His offering to purchase is always good.

Remember, Jesus doesn’t truly look at all the filth that covers us and as His work is done inside of us, others will not see the filth as it is wiped away during the process of His work.

All this begins with one simple act of trust known as faith… all you have to do is take the For-Sale sign off by your own hand and toss it away. Jesus will do the rest of the work as He glorifies Himself in you and through you.

Ephesians 1:13 In Him you also trusted, after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation; in whom also, having believed, you were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, 14 who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.



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