I will be concluding this study concerning specific Soldiers and Centurions found in the Bible. I will begin with a situation found in Acts chapter 16. In summary, both Paul and Silas are imprisoned because they had used the power of Jesus’ Name to cast out a spirit of divination from a woman v16-24.

As we continue to read, starting with v25 we find that both Paul and Silas are singing hymns to God and while the prisoners are listening to them, an earthquake suddenly shakes the jail. This causes all the cells to open and all the shackles holding the prisoners to open.

The jailer who is responsible at this moment, wakes up and sees that all the cells are open and fears that the prisoners have escaped. He is about to end his own life when Paul calls out to him, informing him that they have not escaped v27-28

This causes the jailer to fall before both Paul and Silas (v29 and we then read in verse 30 that the jailer escorts them from the jail and asks them what must he do to be saved?

v30 And he brought them out and said, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

Can you answer this question and then lead a person who does ask you this question… to Jesus?

I placed this scripture into this portion of the study for a reason… isn’t it the question everyone you meet, that has no relationship with Jesus, should ask you? What is said to this man while he is trembling before them is not detailed in v29 but when he asks them the question in v30, it is clear that they were ministering to his spirit.

They explain that belief in the Lord Jesus is all that is needed to be saved and that also his family can be saved if they believe. So Paul and Silas bring the message of Jesus to him and his family v31-32

Ya know, a thought just hit me… God once again basically went out of His way to reach this jailer. This jailer is so important to God that Paul and Silas are hounded by this evil spirit so that their act of deliverance for that woman leads to their arrest, they are beaten, then jailed. An earthquake opens all the cells and all the shackles and the jailer finally answers the knock on his heart. Praise God!

Paul and Silas are then brought to his house where the jailer tends to their wounds and cleans them. Paul and Silas also use this opportunity to baptize him and his entire family and then they are brought into his house to eat and rejoice v33-34.

Here is where this study will end because as I read through all this scripture: Acts 16:25-34, I see that once again, if it is wrong for a man or woman who is in a military occupation to also be a disciple of our Lord… then why was this jailer not told to leave his job? Paul and Silas led him and the entire family to Jesus and then leave them hanging in a sinful profession, or a profession that is not right for a person who has faith in God to continue in? I said “them” because as I brought out in Part 4, that if a person “shares” in the sins of others, they are sinful themselves.

In conclusion I would like to point out that in all the many examples I brought out from the Bible and utilized scripture to explain these events; not once where any of these soldiers informed that they are to cease serving in the military. Not once where any of these men told that it is wrong, or sinful, or condemned.

So why do some Christians I meet tell me I’m wrong, or that I’m sinning, or that I’m condemned because I’m a soldier?

I will follow the example set by Jesus, John the Baptist, Paul, Silas, Cornelius, that Centurion, and the Jailer. Through these scriptures and examples set to follow I will support, comfort, and offer understanding to others based on the Bible, not the opinions of others who are led by their feelings.

This ends the Bible study but others will follow. I am presently led to study Samson and will write up what the Holy Spirit places on my spirit. I’ve been told that Samson was a lousy example for a man of God. Faulty, yeah. But, God gave him back his strength, enabling him to do that final heroic act of self-sacrifice and kill the enemy. Sounds like an example of today’s Army Value – Selfless Service. So this will be what I study and post on the site.

Thank you for reading and if comments are posted in the “comments box” at the bottom of each page I will answer any questions.

I thank God for His Son and for the Word so that through the Bible, we can find comfort and proper understanding as the Holy Spirit guides us to the Truth.

Soldiers and Centurions: Conclusion