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In both our worse of times and the best of times, prayer must not end. It is said that Prayer always works, if you are always working prayer! We need not be alone in prayer and requesting that others pray is a standard operating procedure (SOP) for all in faith with God…


Here you will find links to websites of interest. The purpose of this page is to help Christians who serve in the Military or Law Enforcement Agencies to find additional support, comfort and encouragement. The topics vary and as sites of interest are located, they will be added to this list…

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Hello, my name is Ken and I’d like to take this moment to let you know a little about myself and my career in the military. I attended Basic Training in 1985 at Fort Benning, Georgia and graduated as an Infantryman, 11B. Immediately shipped off to Germany I began my life of long road marches…

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The Age Old Question About Killing

There is an age old question concerning the present day Christian who serves in any position that may require them to kill. So for all personnel who have, are presently or will serve in the military, we’re going to address this question. ... Read More

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    • Run, Hide, or Fight (the Rules of Engagement)

      Run, Hide, or Fight (the Rules of Engagement)

      Yet are you a type of Christian who RUNS, HIDES, or are you the one who FIGHTS? And if you FIGHT… what RULES of Engagement do you follow?Read More »
    • Busy Signal

      Busy Signal

      Ya know, when you call a Christian radio station to make a donation, or call a church to offer service, or call a ministry to ask for help… and you get a busy signal… it’s NOT because you weren’t meantRead More »
    • God’s Path or a God-Free Zone?

      God’s Path or a God-Free Zone?

      I wrote this last year sometime and had posted on Facebook and a message board in May 2015. I happened to view it tonight and decided to post it from the archives of the Director’s Desk. “Every counselee is aRead More »